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We are Indian and our chef are also Indian the name of our organization is yoga cooking classes We are located in Patnem(GOA).For the past several years there was a demand for foreign tourists that there would be a prestigious healthier cooking class in patnem. As you all know that patnem is very famous related to yoga and fitness so we did a research and survey among the foreign tourists who came here to see what kind of indian food they had in cooking meals and eating it.So according to our survey we came to know that tourists primarily like to learn healthy and traditional food.Keeping your health in mind we have created a list of some special recipes i make sure that the dishes we choose will be very easy and tasty to make you learn more. We have tried to teach you how to make natural and healthy food dishes.Our purpose is simple that we give you information about the good and the best quality indian food and teach it to be made.


About Mrs. Manju

Hi! I am Mrs. Manju and am passionate about teaching cooking to help enhance your kitchen skills. I have been teaching since 2012 and I find great joy in seeing my students learn to cook extremely tasty food in simple, easy to understand methods. Classes are conducted in a way to kindle and promote interest in the art of cooking.

Reward to me is receiving excellent feedback from my students and their families. I ensure I give personalised attention to each student and I welcome all questions and doubts to build confidence. I believe that a cookery teacher can be judged by how many students return after the first class, to learn other cuisines and I am humbly proud to say that my students love returning to me again and again to learn more. I believe in being a friend to my students and you are free to call me in case of any questions even months after finishing your class.

I have both beginners and experienced people coming to me and I structure my classes in a manner to give maximised benefits to all. I conduct an introductory pre talk at the start of the class on the subject we are dealing with for e.g how to cut the vegetables professionally in a few minutes, how to boil rice  so that each grain is separate and not sticking together, how to mince ginger and garlic etc. I also advise on good brands for various ingredients and where they can be purchased. I do not believe in keeping any secrets!

My students vouch for the fact that my recipes taste the same when they make it at their own homes as they do in the class and they get it first time right!


Emphasis On Healthy Ayurvedic Cooking With Minimal Oil and without supermarket packed food
The Food Cooked Is Eaten By The Students In The Class Itself. We Charge Very Reasonable Fees!